Table: Schema Version

Table: Schema Version

Useful for LoanPro Developers Only!

Use of this table by 3rd parties is not officially supported!

Holds information used by LoanPro developers to verify integrity of databases. Use of this table by 3rd parties is not supported.

Column Data Type Column Info Value Notes Other
version_rankint(11)Schema versoin rank
installed_rankint(11)schema install rank
versionvarchar(50)schema version
descriptionvarchar(200)The description of the entity instance
typevarchar(20)Type of database schema
scriptvarchar(1000)script ran
installed_byvarchar(100)who installed it
installed_ontimestampWhen the schema version was installed
execution_timeint(11)time it took to run
successtinyint(1)whether or not is succeeded1 - yes, 0 - no

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